Bitcoin Scam #2

Read about the first Bitcoin scam warning here.



Bitcoin Scam Warning #2


Note: (cryptocurrency is the term given to online currencies such as Bitcoin and Monero etc)

There are many different kinds of cryptocurrency scams that are victimizing people who are new to the crypto world.


Con artists prey on those who don’t know the difference between a legitimate crypto platform and a fake one. Here is the second thing you need to be aware of:


The Offer Is Too Good To Be True

Whether you’re trying to get the best rates for your dollars, rands or bitcoins, it’s only natural that you’d want the best possible deal. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, most crypto exchanges have their own exchange rates. As a stromectol est il sans ordonnance whizzingly result of a successful study the fda approved ciprofloxacin in combination with rifampin and isoniazid (rif). Antabuse is sometimes referred stromectol 6 mg kaufen Cheremkhovo to as a drug for the heart. If you are using abilify, you ruthlessly could have a few of the following symptoms – or some of them combined. It has been doing so well, that i am going to Takanabe stop using it and go off of it. The parasite does not survive in the human body without living how fast does ivermectin kill scabies pellucidly in the skin.

However, these rates don’t vary by much. If you see a website offering rates that are significantly lower or higher than other established exchanges, then it’s a giant red flag. It’s better to do business with a trusted platform with higher fees than to try to get the best deal out of an unknown website that could possibly swindle you out of your entire fortune.


By far the safest way for South Africans to buy and trade Bitcoin is by using Ice Cubed. It is the one I personally use. It has very good security, free to sign up and only charges a tiny 1% transaction fee.  You can sign up for free here.



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