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We often need a little extra money in life; it might be to travel on that dream trip, or an investment to start, or grow, your own business, or to study or just to splurge on big ‘toy’. So where to turn for a quick and hassle-free loan?

Best Loan Guide on

Here’s a look at a few of SA’s Best Small-to-Medium Loan Providers

1. CreditShop
sources personal loans up to R150,000 for consumers.
They are different in that they have automated processes that link directly into various lenders processing engines to help improve the customer’s experience.

They are the largest independent marketer of personal loans in South Africa and currently process around 40,000 personal loan leads per month. Loans are pre-qualified usually the same day as applying, they offer loans from R1,000.00 – R150,000.00.

With CreditShop you can complete your entire loan online or telephonically and they currently averages 20,000 satisfied clients per month. Check them out by clicking the banner below:

2. RainFin
is an online lending marketplace that facilitates loans to consumers and businesses and offers investors an opportunity to finance the loans. Their goal is to make the process more efficient, cost effective and transparent by lowering the operational costs and operating in a predominantly online environment. Barclays Africa acquired a 49% stake in RainFin in 2014 and has also subsequently became a RainFin investor having committed to lending through the RainFin platform.

It is easy to use – all gets done online, no long bank queues, quick response times, cheaper interest rates for borrowers and interest rates are fixed for the duration of the loan. Check them out by clicking the banner below:

3. Wonga is a global digital finance business and can boast some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in any industry. The group was founded in London by two South African entrepreneurs in 2007 who wanted to turn the credit market upside down. They launched the service in South Africa in May 2012, and the company has enjoyed strong growth here, granting over 1 million loans.

Wonga offers small, short term loans online with more speed, convenience and flexibility than banks, traditional lenders and other websites.
Pricing Example: Borrow R1000 for 25 days and repay R1278.47

4. LoanFinder
is a loan-finding company.  So if you aren’t happy with the three options above you can use LoanFinder to search the entire South African market for a lender/broker that will provide the best loan available.

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