Best Ideas for Children to Collect

Collection of Butterflies

Starting a collection can be a great hobby and something that people of all ages can enjoy. Collecting is especially an interesting hobby for children and something they can enjoy all the way into their adulthood. It teaches kids a lot about their chosen items and is also a wonderfully effective way of teaching children about patience.

It is a hobby that can be lots of fun and the whole family can get involved. Here are some of the best things for children to start collecting.

Bugs And Butterflies

Collection of Butterflies
Collection of Butterflies

A brilliant collectable for children is something that can also educate them and thus things found in nature make the perfect candidate. For instance majority of children have at some point brought a dead butterfly or some other insect into the home and kept it as a treasure. You could get your child into collecting these sorts of animals and teach them about nature at the same time.

Bugs are lots of fun to collect and it will keep the child busy for hours. They can do the ‘treasure hunt’ themselves and you can just get them some jars and collectable books where they can store their collection. Butterfly is also a very common insect to collect.

But if you don’t want your child to bring dead bugs and butterflies into the house you can instead collect leaves from nature. Dry different tree and bush leaves and keep a collection book.


Cars And Dolls

Cars and dolls are another popular group of items that children can collect. Cars might be more attractive to boys whereas girls might be more drawn to dolls but of course anyone can collect either of these items.

Toy cars are an old collectable item that has been sparking the interestof collectors ever since the first toy car was produced. A lot of old toy cars are also currently very valuable and thus cleaning up the old attic might surprise you with some hidden gems.

You can inspire your child to start collecting old cars and purchase them from vintage and second-hand shops or start collecting some of the newer toy cars.

Dolls are also a favourite for collectors and can be a great deal of fun as part of playtime too. Doll collecting is nice because the child can use their collection in their playtime, for instance when they are playing house. Collectible dolls for girls are easy to find online and A Girl For All Time offers some great dolls to play with and start your collection.

Collecting things can be a lot of fun and something that can really teach children about nature and history. It is going to help nurture the imagination of the child and is something that can really get the whole family involved. The above ideas of different things children can collect are great because they are easily available and won’t cost you a fortune to start your collection. Getting your children to collect things can be a lifelong hobby that will keep them entertained for many years to come.

by Julia, who is a mother of two and loves to spend time with her children and her two rescue-dogs. She also loves to take long walks in the nature together with her husband.

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