Bear Grylls sets Baseball on Fire before throwing First Pitch (Video)

Bear Grylls’ survival show, extreme stunts and entertaining personality often stand him out from the crowd, and he’s done it again, this time in an American baseball stadium.

Bear was recently given the honour of throwing out the first pitch before a baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates at the Dodger Stadium.

Celebrities and politicians are often given the chance to open a game by pitching the first ball. Most of them just concentrate on not making a fool of themselves by pitching it straight into the dirt five feet in front of them or hooking it way off base. I’ve seen a few extremely lousy efforts in the past.

But Grylls decided to be a bit different and spice up the performance. Once he got to the pitcher’s mound he pulled out a lighter, shielded the spark and lit the baseball on fire.

It was a bizarre and clever act, reminiscent of his Man vs Wild television shows where his wellbeing often depends on him being able to start a fire. I was only a bit surprised that he didn’t try start the fire with flint.

The ball then flared up, and Bear gripped the fiery ball carefully and pitched it to a slightly nervous-looking Dodgers catcher, Matt Treanor. It’s quite routine to call a pitcher with a deadly fastball a “flamethrower”, but this was definitely the first time a pitcher had taken it to a literal level.

Treanor caught the “fireball” and looked a bit bemused (and a bit worried about his glove catching alight). It was a great, unique way to throw out the first pitch, and much more fun and entertaining than the usual everyday method.

It definitely got people talking, and maybe it was Bear Grylls’ small way of ensuring that people don’t forget about him while he works on his new project after being fired by the Discovery Channel.

Watch the video below to see Bear Grylls lighting the baseball and pitching while it was on fire:

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