Be Happy and See a Better World

There is a quote which states “… see the outer world as a reflection of the inner world.”

How this relates to us is that if we want to see the (outer) world as a better, happier place we need to first “clean up” ourselves inside and eradicate our own negativity and harmful emotions.

It’s not easy to change a thought process overnight, but sometimes we need to give ourselves a mental/spiritual makeover. And it is always possible. Read this post on how to break bad habits and rewire your brain.

The easiest way to “clean up” inside is to LAUGH! Laughter has been proven to have so many physical and mental benefits.

Remember this quote from Dr Caroline Leaf:
[Tweet ““Toxic Thoughts produce Toxic Emotions which produce Toxic Behaviour.””]

The next step is to change our perspective: if we want to see more peace, happiness, joy and love in the world we need to start within our own body and mind; that is where we can have the greatest influence.

There is not much we can control outside of ourselves, our family and social circle. But when we first start to focus on regenerating ourselves by improving our health, cleaning up our thought life and handling our emotions better we become a better version of ourselves and an example to others. The improvements shine from within us and we can then start to impact others and our influence grows. Hence the ‘outer world’ starts to improve.

The key is happiness.

Audrey Hepburn

Enjoy your talents, do what you love and have fun doing it. Be happy and be committed to being a better person. Once you find your happiness; Share It! Use your gifts and talents to make others smile.

Make them Laugh.
Make them Happy.
Make them Enjoy Life 

Happy Friends

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