Target 5 by Colin Forbes

A book review of Target 5 by Colin Forbes

I usually enjoy looking around second-hand or charity shops.  There are normally quite a few great finds you can pick up for a very low price.

The other day I came across one such shop boldly calling itself “Second-Hand Treasures”.

Going in and browsing around I felt the word “treasures” seemed to be a bit of a push:  Second-hand Junk might have been more apt.  I wasn’t really keen to buy anything, but the owner looked quite excited to have a rare client in the store, so I hunted around a bit more and found an old, second hand book section, which always interests me.

I ended up buying two books extremely cheaply.  The first I read was Target 5 by Colin Forbes.

It was set in the 1970’s when political relationships between the USA and Russia were fragile at best.  The story takes place in the Arctic icefields and follows two main characters: American Special Agent Keith Beaumont and Russian Chief of Special Security, Colonel Igor Papin.

A highly regarded Russian oceanographer who has got hold of the top secret plans of Russia’s military submarine network has defected.  He intends to give the plans to the American Arctic team lead by Beaumont.  Papanin finds out about the plan and attempts to intercept the defector and take out Beaumont and his team. While the Americans try get the Russian defector, and the plans, safely out of the icy danger zone, Papanin is determined to sabotage their plans.

Not only do they have to survive Papains murderous intentions, but also perhaps a more deadly opponent in the unpredictable behavior of the Arctic icebergs and avalanches.

And so follows a life and death chess match of strategic battles, with both sides attacking and defending in their respective quests.  The book is action packed with danger every minute and is definitely worth picking up.

I’ll probably be back to the second hand shop to find a few more ‘treasures’ to read.

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