Baldacci Novel ‘Wish You Well’ to be made into a Movie

A while ago I wrote about one of my favourite David Baldacci Novels, Wish You Well (you can read the “Wish you Well” review here).

I really enjoyed the book, it is my clear Baldacci favourite, and one my favourite novels of the year.

Well, recently Baldacci announced that he was turning the story into a big screen movie.

The story set in the 1940s about a teenage girl and her younger brother who move from New York City to Southwest Virginia after a family tragedy. Baldacci describes it as being “if I had to write a ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ story, this would be it.”

Baldacci himself will be producing the movie along with Sarah Elizabeth Timmins from ‘Life Out Loud films’. He also recently sold a TV series project starring two of his characters, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, to CBS Television

David Baldacci has had one of his novels made into a movie before, in fact it was his first ever book entitled Absolute Power. It was a book that I didn’t enjoy much, hence I never got around to writing a review for it.  However, it seems it appealed to a large number of people and Clint Eastwood and Gene Hackman starred in the movie.

Wish You Well is a story loosely based on Baldacci’s grandparents, on his mothers’ side, who lived in Virginia where the novel is set. The filming of the movie will take place there as well and is scheduled to start this year.

I’m looking forward to it!

(Also see “Lee Child’s novel being turned into a movie.”)

Below is an interview with Baldacci where he discusses the book and the movie about to be made (it might take a few seconds for the video to load).

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