Blog Authors

   Rory  – creator of EnjoyLife.   To contact me or to learn more about me, see my profile. Read all posts by Rory.


    Lindy – my wonderful wife. She loves being creative with her craft (beadwork, woodwork, scrapbooking) and always looks forward to her next project.  She also enjoys a good read. Read all posts by Lindy.




Raymond – is a civil engineer.  He and hiswife are avid hikers and climbers. Read all posts by Raymond.


Gareth – enjoys being active and is a qualified Pilates instructor. He places a big emphasis on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And he loves to skateboard. Read all posts by Gareth.



Peter – is an accountant and crunches numbers for a living, but also enjoys the outdoors. He writes for a Spiritual Blog and The Cricket Blog. Read all posts by Peter.



Mel the Belle

Mel the Belle – is a teacher, wife and mommy.  She juggles the lifestyle with enthusiastic attempts at keeping in shape and managing a social life. Read all posts by Mel.




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