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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

SAA Prohibits Galaxy Note 7 on all Flights

South African Airways (SAA) has prohibited the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all its flights, in accordance with the International Air Transport Association’s safety provisions. This follows a similar ban by all US airlines. The decision has been taken based on safety considerations in the interests of passengers, crew and …

C2 Cover2

REVIEW: C2 Performance Tights

Recently I received a pair of C2 Performance Tights (as coordinated by Outdoor PR) to use and give some feedback. My reviewer, Mel, wore them on some forest trail-running and provided some glowing feedback. Here’s a video I created of her testing out the tights: Mel loved the warmth the …

Success Failure and Risk in Business

Catching the Fly in Business

The other night I was lying in bed, the lights were out, and I was just drifting off to sleep, when I heard the most annoying sound.  A fly was trapped in my room and seemed determined to drive my tired mind into insanity with its buzzing around my head. …

money jar

How I made R2300 by typing 7 words

It’s true. A while ago I was paid R2300 for writing seven words. How did I get it right? There is a long and a short answer. From what I’ve experienced people generally want the short answer whenever it comes to making money. And I’ve discovered that is probably one …