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Taking out a Home Loan to Buy a House (from

Buying on Credit vs Paying Cash

Some of you are quite aware of the on-going economic crises in Greece that seems set to spread to the rest of the continent.  It is a pretty complex situation, but it basically can be summed up as follows: Someone (Greece) has borrowed too much money and now they are …

Ferrari 612 GTO (from

Are You Selling Yourself or Just your Product?

As with most members of the male species, I enjoy anything to do with motor cars. I regularly read up on websites and check out the specifications and performance figures for the latest models. I’m quite confident that my brothers and I know more about cars than the average individual …

New Financial Writer on EnjoyLife

When Rory gave me the opportunity to write a monthly business article for the website, I jumped at the idea. I thought it would be a great way that I could impart some of the financial knowledge that I have gained over the years. Money, sadly, impacts all of us …