Surely I’m Not Annoying…

“You’re being annoying.” Those are words I have uttered many times, but am most distraught when I hear someone utter them whilst referring to me. Me? Annoying? Impossible!

You are annoying

However, after some moments of reflection, I can see how I may possibly have become a ‘pain in the butt’ on some occasions. In an effort to grow personally, and self improve, I decided to look into this subject a little more. I found areas that need improvement, but that’s alright with me. I’d rather be working on growth in emotional and mental areas, because growing physically is ruining my wardrobe!

How to NOT be Annoying:

First off, I discovered that you’re not supposed to think you are an annoying person. If you think you’re annoying, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be annoying. It’s human nature to want confirmation of who and what you are, and often, in an effort to determine whether or not you are being annoying, your questioning and constant seeking for approval may become annoying to the person you are speaking with. What I gather from this is: don’t ask if you’re annoying, and don’t think you are annoying – until someone tells you that you’re annoying.

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Secondly, you need to be nice. This doesn’t mean that you must be sugary sweet in an annoying way. But, as with everything in life, you need to find balance in your niceness. Don’t be arrogant, or walk around with an air of entitlement. Egotism will just alienate people from you. At all times, try to not look down on others, or think that you are any better than them. Don’t be rude.

Number three is a big one – be on time, be reliable, and don’t make promises you can’t keep. Circumstances don’t always allow for us to adhere to these, but it’s important to try and do your best. Failing to do so means more than just gaining a label, like ‘the tardy one’. It can lead to all sorts of other complications – hurts and rejections – in all aspects of life, whether it be work or personal relationships.

Fourthly, sometimes, you just need to listen more. I have a friend who I really struggle to have a conversation with. She will ask a question, and before I am even halfway through my first sentence in answer, she will either fire off a second question, or begin telling me a story of something that happened to her, her neighbour, her colleague etc. It’s not that listening to her is unpleasant, it’s just that sometimes I wish she’d let me at least finish a sentence, or listen to what I have to say. So even if you have a great voice, and a way with words, it’s not always necessary to prove it!

And last but not least, in the words of a song from the 1982 movie ‘Annie’, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”. Smiling can not only make you happy, and trigger certain positive responses in your brain, but it can also make others happy. It helps you de-stress, and is also something you can do that is cost efficient to make you seem more attractive. And if you’re still not sold on a good reason to smile, remember that it can also lead to laughter, which helps burn calories!

Yes, there are people who get annoyed by the fact that I wear a smile on my face most of the time– but I can’t think of a better reason to be called annoying than that, can you?

Written by Meg G

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