Advice from Billionaire Warren Buffet

Here’s a great infographic to use to learn from the Billionaire Warren Buffet.

Penny-pinching saves money from consumption for investment purposes. The poor have a common problem of consuming too much and investing too little. When people go bankrupt or lose their houses, they share many of the same bad habits. Many haven’t balanced their checkbooks for years. Success depends on following solid standards.

Can you imagine the attention-to-detail of someone who actually counted all of the sheets in his toilet roll? Warren Buffet was impressed. So he invested in a company whose owner found out that his 500-sheet toilet roll did not have all the sheets as advertised. This owner demanded excellence from his toilet roll.

The successful entrepreneur notices the little things. A color, flavor or design might not mean much to the average person. When a company’s success or failure is dependent upon these important branding issues, then those who have the superior attention-to-detail will be successful. Learn solid investment rules by following the advice of the wealthy.

Click on the thumbnail below to open the infographic. Once open, you can click on it to enlarge and read all the information.


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