Addo Elephant Park

In an earlier post I mentioned I visited Addo Elephant Park on a holiday break.

It was a fantastic three days which we spent camping in tents on the Addo campsite. (I made a brief overview video of the Elephant Park which is at the bottom of this post).

The game drives were brilliant and we were very fortunate to see so many animals. We saw 13 different animal species on the official Addo watch-list, including:

Black-backed Jackal
Flightless Dung Beetle
Scrub Hare
Red Hartebeest
Leopard Tortoise
Burchells Zebra
Black Rhino

(I took videos of nearly all of these sightings, so as I produce the vids and load them onto the blog I’ll put a link to the video from each of the creature names above.)

Apart from the great animal viewing, we also saw an incredible 71 species of birds! I’ll do the same thing with the birding videos; I’ll list them below and put links to the videos once they become available.

Some of the birds included the Grey Heron, Greater Double Collared Sunbird, Blue Crane and the Yellowbilled Kite, as well as two Ostriches mating.

According to Addo’s official bird list there are 163 bird species which are regular residents within the main camp and game area.

The campsite and the facilities were very good, clean and well-run. Each campsite has its own power source, braai area, dustbin (which is emptied and replaced every day by the staff), and running water nearby. The ablution block is also well maintained and has constant hot water. There is also a kitchen area in the centre of the campsite with boiling water and a freezer for you to store perishables.

The game drive area is also spotless and the rules of slow driving are well adhered to which makes the whole experience enjoyable (although there were still a few corks who were playing music with their windows down while trying to watch for shy game).

All in all it was a fantastic time and I would definitely go back there again… soon!

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