A Good Night of Sleep

One of the worst obstructions to enjoying life can be sleep deprivation. Ask anyone who has suffered an “insomnia-season”, and they will tell you how frustrating it is. It becomes the focus of their lives. They set the goal of falling asleep, but think and stress about it so much that their brain won’t relax, which makes it nearly impossible.

If you have trouble falling asleep quickly at night the problem may lie in the act of watching tv or working on the computer just before you retire for the evening.

These screens beam light and flickering images into your eyes which causes the brain to go into “alert” mode thus making it more difficult to drift off into dreamland.

If you find you have this problem there is some free software to download at stereopsis.com/flux. What the program does is it gradually dims your computer screen as the sun sets, slightly altering your screen’s colours. It changes the blues and whites (which stimulate the brain activity) to softer red tinges, helping the brain to relax and wind down naturally.

Give it a try and let me know your feedback. Altenatively, check out this program on how to get a good night’s sleep naturally: click here to check it out.

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