9 Tips to Keep Your Clothes Free of Stains


Stains can absolutely ruin your day, and trying to remove them can prove to be as difficult as solving a math problem.

Don’t you find it frustrating that when a stain finds its next home on your clothing you’re either unaware or if you are fortunate enough to be aware of it happening you have absolutely no idea of what to do about it? Well, that makes you and me both. This post aims at providing tips that will keep you prepared for stains no matter where or what you’re doing, so you can save your clothing before it’s too late.

As a prerequisite, understanding the type of stain you’re dealing with, how you got the stain and the kind of fabric the stain is on, is the first step to making your life a little less complicated when it comes to figuring how to remove the stain, so I trust you’ll already have that covered. So these are our 10 tips to help you stay ahead of any stains.

Clothing Stain

When A Stain Occurs, Keep These Tips in Mind

1. Act Quick

As soon as you are aware of that stain, try to act as quickly as possible in your effort to remove it. It is easier to remove fresh stains than it is for stains that have been on a garment for longer. For those garments that need to be taken to the dry cleaner, do so as soon as you can. Remember to make sure that you treat the spot where the stain is as promptly as possible.

2. Read and Follow Instructions

Most garments and stain removal products come with care guides and directions for use and in some instances, how to remove stains if they occur. It is important to read and follow these instructions so as to not make the stain worse or even ruin your clothing.

3. Test First

The worst thing that could happen when trying to remove stains is for you to have used the wrong method and thus ruin your clothes. It is therefore crucial that you test any and all stain removal methods on hidden parts of your garment with stains. This is to check for any inconsistencies before applying on larger and more noticeable parts of your garments.

4. Start from the back

The goal is to make sure the stain is removed and not moved to another part of the garment. It will help to use a clean white cloth to place the garment on and for the application of the stain removal solution. This will make the stain move from the garment and on to the cloth instead.

5. Be Careful

After using any pretreatment or stain removal solutions, it is important to rinse your clothes thoroughly, especially in cold water.

6. Beware of Color Removal

Always start off by using the recommended amount of stain removal treatment to avoid uneven colors on the dress. Alternatively, wash the whole garment but put the treatment only on the stained spot.

7. Do not Mix

Understanding the stain that is on your garment will give you a clearer idea of how to remove the stain. It is important to avoid mixing different stain removal products that could result in you ruining your clothes. Rather, check for what works for the type of stain and fabric, and keep to that solution only.

8. Wash Thoroughly

The importance of thoroughly washing your stained clothes cannot be stressed enough. After using any stain removal products, always remember to wash the clothes again to remove any residual stain removal products along with the stain residue. If your garment is put up to dry without properly checking if the stain has been properly removed, drying will cause the stain to set and you will have to repeat the process again.

9. Be Patient

Removing stains can be time consuming, depending on how long the stain has been on your garment or what type of stain you are trying to remove, in some case it might happen that you need to repeat the stain removal processes until the stain has been properly removed.

10. Hard to Leave Stains

Not every stain removal treatment will work on every garment. There are some stains that will prove difficult to remove. In this case you can rely on the above mentioned 9 tips to give you a fair chance a winning the stain removal battle.

These few simple guidelines of how to stay ahead of stains should make life easier for you. When you know your stains and you have a clear understanding of the importance of these guidelines, stain removal should no longer prove to be a tedious task.

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