5 Apple Apps Your Small Business Shouldn’t Be Without

When we talk about smart phone and tablet apps and how they can benefit business, it is usually the larger corporations and businesses that are said to benefit the most.

In actual fact, it is the smaller enterprises that can get the most from using apps. If you don’t have the budget or the resources to put fully fledged systems in place for certain business practices, a simple downloadable app that does the same job can be a business saver.

Apple leads the way (as always)…

Apple, as we all know, is currently the king of smartphone and tablet devices. By extension, the company and its users are also pretty good at developing useful apps, some of which can be really handy for small business owners.

Top Apple apps for small business

Here are the top 5 Apple apps for iPhone and iPad that small business owners really should be using:

1.       iMargin Professional

This handy app allows small businesses to quickly and easily work out profit margins on products and set accurate prices. It takes into account everything from associated tax calculations to prices in multiple currencies, calculating margins in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

2.      BizXpense Tracker

Have business expenses and need a better way to keep track of them? You need to check out this app, which comprehensively tracks, records and organises expenses and mileage claims to produce a straightforward expenses report.


3.       Note Taker HD

Writing meeting notes on a digital device is not always easy, which is why some people like to stick with traditional hand-written notes and minutes. Use this app and you will be able to scribble down notes on your iPad with a stylus or your finger. When you’re done, you can turn these notes into PDFs and edit them, secure your notes and even add images into them.

4.       Billings Touch

Find invoicing and billing a nightmare? Using this app and its streamlined interface, you can quickly and easily track billable services and times, generate and send off invoices and create reports.

5.      Mindnode

This is a mind mapping tool that is specially designed to encourage strategizing, brain-storming and problem solving. What makes Mindnode better than other mind mapping tools is its clutter-free, intuitive interface.

Don’t have any of these apps? Check out the App Store right away, where you will find hundreds of apps to help you launch, grow or better run your business.

by Christine who works for Cartridge Monkey Ltd..

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