4 More Mistakes to Avoid at Gym

This article continues on from last week’s “3 Mistakes People Make at the Gym“.
Here are four more common errors committed by enthusiastic gym-goers…

4. Getting Distracted

Many exercisers make the mistake of watching television/reading books at the gym and though it mightn’t feel like it at the time, doing so tends to wreak havoc with exertion levels. If you tend to get pretty bored at the gym, listen to music instead. Listening to music is actually known to have the opposite effect on exertion levels.

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5. Forgetting About Gym Etiquette

It is irritating for the regulars when newbies fail to follow gym etiquette. If you want to chat on your phone, the polite thing is to get off the treadmill and let somebody else have a turn. And despite the fact that some people tend to sweat a lot less than others, wiping down equipment after it’s been used it is still very much required.

6. Trying to Achieve too Much

A beautiful body takes time. It also takes consistency. If you’re going to stop going to the gym after a month, you might as well not bother going at all.

The easiest way to keep yourself motivated in the long term is to constantly set small, realistic goals. If you want to drop a stone, start with three pounds. Don’t try to transform your entire body in a single month. You are not only setting yourself up for failure, you’re setting yourself up for quitting when you inevitably fail.

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7. Forgetting to Warm Up

Finally, there is the small matter of warm ups. Despite being the simplest mistake to avoid, forgetting to warm up is one of the most commonly made gym mistakes. Stretching only takes a few minutes but it greatly reduces your chance of injury. It also happens to make you significantly more flexible.

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written by John Barry who is a health blogger.

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