3 Mistakes People Make at the Gym

When combined with a low calorie diet, there’s nothing like regular visits to the gym for getting your body in shape. Unfortunately however, such visits only pay dividends when workouts are performed both correctly and consistently.

Should you find yourself trying to sculpt the perfect body, or you are simply looking to drop a few pounds, here are seven common gym mistakes that you should do your best to avoid.

Unbalanced Workouts

Perhaps you’re desperate for flatter tummy or perhaps you’re longing for skinnier thighs, everyone has a part of their body that they’d love to change. For many women, this results in unbalanced workouts where they spend far too much time doing a single exercise.

Not only does this lead to other parts of your body missing out on a workout, it greatly increases your chances of sustaining an injury. Regardless of where you think needs the most improvement, always aim for a balanced workout routine.

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Working Out for too Long

A common gym mistake among both men and women is assuming that the longer you workout, the more progress you are making. In reality, it’s what you do at the gym that counts, not how long you stay there.

Most fitness experts suggest that you should be spending no longer than forty minutes at the gym. If you’re body is not exhausted at the end of this time frame, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.

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Not Changing Fitness Equipment Settings

Fitness equipment is by no means one size fits all. When you hop onto a machine, it’s important to first change the settings to accommodate your individual size. Many women don’t bother to do so and this is a serious mistake. Using incorrectly configured fitness equipment greatly increases your chance of injury.

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